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Westburne Why I Mentor

Why I Mentor

By Salim Bhojani, National Director, Business Strategy & Marketing

People take on leadership roles for different reasons. One reason why I enjoy being a leader is the platform to coach, develop and mentor others. Success cannot be achieved alone. When I look at my own life and career, I feel fortunate to have had so many mentors and know this is a key ingredient in my success. My mentors encouraged me to believe in myself, which improved my ability to connect with others, as well as my overall decision-making skills.

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Westburne citizens

Westburne Citizens
Westburne Hosts Internet of Things (IoT) Sympsosium

Westburne Hosts Internet of Things Sympsosium

Driving greater productivity through Internet of Things (IoT) technology is essential to remain competitive in today’s economy.

More than 80 customers attended Westburne’s IoT Symposium on November 22, 2016 at the Open Sky Incubator in Kitchener. Westburne partnered with leading manufacturers in the IoT field to sponsor speakers to help our customers learn more about becoming lean and fully connected.

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Exceptional people

Congratulations Nicole!

Congratulations Nicole!

The adventure began in 1973 at Westburne... and after over 8,600 days of work, 43 years later you took an important decision, that of enjoying life! WOW!

Thank YOU for everything!

Thank you on behalf of all the bosses you've ever had.

Thank you on behalf of hundreds of colleagues that you have helped and worked during all these years.

And on a personal note, THANKS for these 20 years of complicity Nicole. You will be missed.

Rachelle Caron, General Manager at Westburne Québec

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