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Team work all day, every day

Westburne - Team work all day, every day

Here is Westburne Winnipeg’s newly formed softball team. On this picture you can see our Winnipeg colleagues Ben, Warren, Dev, Pat, Shaun, Steven, Leanne and Dianna, happy and excited because they have just won their first game. These guys are bringing team work to a whole new level. To many more wins!

Westburne Brandon Trade Show

Westburne - Brandon Trade Show
Brandon Trade Show at Westburne

The 2016 Brandon Trade Show took place at the Brandon Victoria Inn on April 13 and 14. We had a fun evening VIP event on the 13th where a select few of our loyal customers had exclusive access to great prizes, a delicious dinner (including a POUTINE BAR), and had the chance to mingle with vendors and staff! On the 14th Westburne hosted a very well-attended trade show that was mainly aimed at our Colony accounts, but was open to our Contractor customers as well. Two seminars also took place during the show, including one by our very own Energy and Lighting Manager, Jake Reid. Fluke hosted an informative product session for the second seminar. In total we had just short of 250 customers show up to this event. Here are a few photos of staff, vendors and customers from the event!

A healthy competition

Westburne Quebec - Healthy challenge

Its official, every month, the Montreal head office launches a fitness competition. Everyone is invited to participate. Rules are simple – the team votes on the challenge and have one month to practice and prepare for it. At months end, they have the competition during the lunch hour with different employees applauding and encouraging.

Plank, wall sit, lunge challenge… name it, they’ll do it!

Plank challenge – Who’s next?

Westburne Quebec - Plank challenge

Following the success of the Global Corporate Challenge a group of 15 employees from the Quebec division have decided to launch the Plank Challenge; a competition that requires a great amount of consistency and motivation. On a daily basis, and for 30 days, all participants prepare by holding the plank position for an indicated time. On the very last day of the challenge at noon, they will compete against each other and name an ultimate plank master.

Now this team asks, who’s next?

This team did it. Spartan Race 2015.

Westburne Spartan 2015

Amidst rain, mud, wind, cold and 25 obstacles, Tavis Lindquist, Charity Mutch and Jarren Bennett survived the 2015 Spartan Spring in Calgary on August 15, 2015.

Someone mentioned Ice cream? Yes. And. It’s. FREE.

Westburne Midwest icecream day

Muriel from Westburne Midwest is always looking for ways to engage her team by hosting fun and creative events. This august her team was treated to free ice cream sundaes; bananas, chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallows, cherries... anyone else hungry?

Meet Dev & Dave

Westburne Midwest Dev & Dave

Meet Dev and Dave from Westburne Midwest. One starting a career. One retiring after 47 years. A great representation of the amazing opportunities our teams have to learn from experienced colleagues.

Food trucks @ Westburne

Westburne Laval foodtruck

Hundreds of customers participated in a special table top event hosted by the Westburne Laval team in collaboration with their Eaton, Philips, Thomas &Betts, Ouellet, Hubbell, Lithonia and Lutron representatives.

Participants were treated to a delicious pulled pork lunch provided by the one and only “Pas de cochon dans mon salon” Montreal food truck.

This was a food truck first for Westburne... certainly not the last!

We love hockey

Westburne Regina loves hockey

Westburne loves hockey. Habs, Leafs, Flames, Canucks... the list goes on. Our love for the game is serious. So why not host a friendly game at lunch with our customers? #yeswedidit.#gowestburneregina.

GM Challenge Golf Invitational – Maple, ON

Westburne Golf GM_event

Westburne Ontario management meets with key suppliers for a great day of strategic business planning and a round of golf. It had rained all day, but the moment we took to the course the clouds parted and the sun came out. Looks like 2015 will be a good year! Pictured from left to right: Howie Elliot – BDM, Roger Shea – Eaton, Mike Gonsalves – Westburne Ontario General Manager, John Mark Alexander - Burndy.

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